JMU Carrier Library fountain

Lending Information for Other Libraries

Contact Information

James Madison University (OCLC symbol: VMC)
Interlibrary Loan, MSC 1704
The Hub, 771 Dukes Drive
Harrisonburg, VA 22807

Request Methods

  • We prefer requests via OCLC. If you do not have access to OCLC, email a completed ALA form to Please include a contact person's name, email address, and shipping address.
  • An active email address is required as a condition of our ILL services.

Fees & Billing

We supply material free to VIVA, EAST, LVIS, non-profit Virginia libraries, So6, Soline, and to other libraries with existing reciprocal agreements.
  • Loan charges:
    Loans are provided free of charge to all libraries with the exception of International libraries.
    • International libraries: $35IFM or 2 Full IFLA vouchers
  • Photocopy Charges:
    Photocopy charges to all other libraries that we do not have affiliation with:
    • U.S. libraries: $8IFM
    • International libraries: $8IFM or one ½ IFLA voucher
  • Lost Items:
    If returnable materials are lost or damaged, a minimum $100.00 charge will be assessed and invoiced to cover the loss of materials.
    • JMU Libraries does not accept replacement copies for lost/damaged materials
    • JMU Libraries does not accept credit card payment for invoiced materials
  • Billing Methods:
    Billing via OCLC IFM is preferred. IFLA vouchers are accepted for International partners if not participating in OCLC IFM. We do not generate invoices for non-affiliated photocopy charges.

Loan Length

  • Our standard loan period for monographs is 16 weeks, renewals considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • Audiovisual loans circulate for 4 weeks, no renewals. (Condition of audiovisual loan requires the borowing library to guarantee boxed returns via trackable courier.)


All loans are subject to immediate recall if requested by one of our own patrons.

Delivery Methods:

We ship all loans within the United States via courier with UPS and FedEx. We ship via DHL Express outside the United States. We supply articles via Odyssey and OCLC Article Exchange.

Material which does not circulate:

Reserves, LP's, newspapers, and rare books. Music CD's only circulate in-state.

Loan requests for periodicals, media, reference, and microform are considered on a case-by-case basis. Copy requests from our Special Collections are considered on a case-by-case basis.